Jazz (Ages 8 & Up)

Product Description


Jazz classes combine traditional jazz styles such as Giordano, Fosse, Swing and Broadway with the ever changing styles and trends of contemporary popular culture. Each fun and challenging class consists of the basic steps, vocabulary, and variations of the dance form with unique moves, rhythmic patterns and variations, body isolations, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. Through daily warm-ups and exercises students gain strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, musicality and performance presence. To excel in jazz, dancers are encouraged to build a strong fundamental background in ballet, as it encourages grace, balance and proper overall dance technique.

2016 Class Times:

Monday 6:00 – 7pm Ages 12 – 14yrs
Monday 8:00 – 9pm Ages 14yrs & up (Placement Only)
Thursday 6:00 – 7pm Ages 9 & 10yrs
Thursday 7:00 – 8pm Ages 11 – 12yrs
Thursday 8:00 – 9pm Ages 12yrs & up (Placement Only)


$60.00 per month

Semester Payments are optional and receive a 5% discount.

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