Please review...

  • We would like to keep the waiting areas less crowded again this year. We ask that anyone ages 7 & up please be dropped off at the door. We will have assistants helping them enter and exit as we did last year. Parents of Preschool and Kindergarten classes will be allowed to wait inside.
  • Water bottles are allowed in the studios
  • Anything left behind will be disposed of monthly
  • Dance shoes ONLY allowed in the studios
  • Students must come to class with their hair neatly off their face and dress in the proper dance attire. See Dress Code under General Info
  • Please do not drop your dancer off any earlier than 10 minutes before their class starts

Dropoff Procedures:

Dropoff will be at our main entrance at the back of the building. Students will exit their car to the right and they will then enter the building where they will be directed to the studio in which their class will be held

Pickup Procedures:

At the end of class, dancers will be escorted outside to our Pickup area at the back of the building. They will wait there with an assistant until their parent arrives. Parents do not need to exit their cars, they should wait in a parent pickup line to pick up their dancer.

Please do not park in our lot near the entrance doors for safety reasons. It will be blocked off this year. If you’d like to park, feel free to go to the Optech end of the building to wait for your dancer and then rejoin the pickup line when it gets close to your dancers class ending.