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DANCE TEAM AUDITIONS ARE TUESDAY, AUGUST 29TH Ages 9-12yrs 6-7pm ~ Ages 13yrs+ 7-8pm

Auditions will be fun for all! Every dancer who auditions will be given a spot on a team. All levels of ability are welcome! Anyone who wants to participate must audition. If you can't make the above date, please email Alicia directly at danceinfusionalicia@gmail

All Choreography will be taught Friday Nov. 3rd - Sunday Nov 5th. Attendance is mandatory and we ask that you please leave the entire weekend available.

How It Works: Everyone who auditions for the Infusion Competition Team is commiting to compete in two (2) Routines at each of the following events:


GROOVE - ANDOVER, MA March 8th-10th

KAR - LOWELL, MA April 12th-14th

Anyone who would like to compete in more than the above two (2) routines will have the option to sign up for additional routines in the following catagories:

1) Small Group (4-9 dancers) 2) Large Group 10-19 dancers) 3) Production Group (20+ dancers)

Fees: Please contact our Comp Team Director, Alicia Napolitano, for all information regarding Competition Team Fees at

Important: Team members are required to take their 1 additional technique class weekly. All Choreography Fees should be paid in cash or check on or before Nov. 3rd. Please visit the websites of the listed Competitions and Convention for details

West Coast Dance Explosion - Top 3 in Lyrical and Jazz

Congratulations to the INFUSION COMPETITION TEAM'S first season! You were a huge success and we are so proud!